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House Of Alpha Challenge

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Brothers, We are excited about the upcoming events in Alpha Lambda Chapter. The growth in numbers, participation, and knowledge is Awesome to behold. We are just getting started!

We have a challenge for Brothers related to the upcoming Alpha Lambda Chapter Retreat.

We are asking Brothers to do the following before the retreat:

  • Read The Poem: House of Alpha See the Original Poem

  • Write 100 or fewer words describing what the poem means to me as an Alpha and how I should live it among Brothers and model it before the world. Share in what ways the poem inspires you.

  • Type and print your response and bring it to the chapter retreat with you.

Your participation in this exercise is so very important to the success of the Retreat and the planning of the Alpha Lambda Chapter going forward. The exercise is important that a full hour will be devoted to the discussion of Brotherhood during the retreat.

We all agree that the poem: House of Alpha is part of the official canon of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. We will use your responses to craft an Alpha Lambda Chapter Values Statement to guide our development as Brothers, Chapter's Activities, and Growth for at least the next two years. Your participation and input are essential to the success of Alpha Lambda. The First Lambda, becoming A Model Alumni Chapter in All of Alphadom!

House of Alpha By: Bro. Sidney P. Brown

GOODWILL is the monarch of this house. Men, unacquainted, enter, shake hands, exchange greetings, and depart friends. Cordiality exists among all who abide within. I am the eminent expression of friendship. Character and temperament change under my dominant power. Lives once touched by me become tuned and are therefore amiable, kindly, fraternal. I inspire the musician to play noble sentiments, and assist the chemist to convert ungenerous personalities into individuals of great worth. I destroy all ignoble impulses. I constantly invoke principles which make for common brotherhood and the echo responds in all communities and princely men are thereby recognized. Education, health, music, encouragement, sympathy, laughter - all these are species of interest given on self-invested capital. Tired moments find me a delightful treat, hours of sorrow, a shrine of understanding - at all times, I am faithful to the creed of companionship. To a few, I am the castle of dreams - ambitious, successful, hopeful dreams. To many, I am the poetic palace where human feeling is rhymed to celestial motives; to the great majority, I am the treasury of good fellowship. In fact, I am the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love; the school for the better making of men. I AM ALPHA PHI ALPHA!


The Original Version of The House of Alpha Poem


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