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The Alpha Lambda Chaplains Council

Brother Dr. Bernard Crayton leads the Alpha Lambda Chaplains Council, a team of licensed and ordained clergy who minister in the context of their own faith tradition. The members of the Chaplains Council work in concert with Brother Crayton to meet the needs of our brothers and their families in the most challenging times.

Here are a few reasons to contact the Chaplains Council:

  • If a brother has transitioned from this life,

  • If a brother has suffered the loss of a close family member

  • If a brother has fallen ill or he is injured resulting in hospitalization

  • A Brother needs direction or referral to resources to address grief


Please let us know by completing the form below:

Please Notify The Chaplains Council of Needs In Alpha Lambda Chapter

Thank You For Your Interest. This Submission in no way guarantees that you will be accepted for membership.

Alpha Lambda Chapter
The Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Inc.



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