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The Jefferson County Justice League

Brother Derwin Webb, Circuit Court Judge of the 10th Division Family Court and member of the Alpha Lambda Chapter presents a new initiative: The Jefferson County Justice League.

The Justice League offers youth who are at-risk for truancy in the Jefferson County Public Schools the rare opportunity to connect with Alpha Men as role models.

The Justice League seeks to encourage and ensure that children attend school regularly and to assist in changing behaviors essential to reducing the number of “DNA” Cases. Dependents and Neglect Abuse cases due to Truancy.

If you are interested in more information about being a role model with The Jefferson County Justice League  please complete the form below.

The expectation of Justice League Role Models: To establish a relationship that builds trust with a Truancy At-Risk JCPS student to follow the student through contact by phone, text, or video chat at least once a week. The goal is to encourage them to commit to attending school, excelling in their studies and completing through graduation.

Join The Justice League - Role Model Team

Thenk You, Brother For Your Willingness To Impact Young People For Their Success!

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