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One Nine Reactivation EventFlyer

On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, we will hold the Fourth Annual ONE NINE International Day of Reactivation.  Two Fraternity-wide virtual events will be held on that day: one for the Alpha Brothers living internationally, and another, for Alpha Brothers in the Continental United States.

 In addition, chapters and districts may offer in-person events that give Alpha Brothers a chance to kickback and fellowship at a location close to you. (Check with your area leadership for more information).  Each of our Regional Vice Presidents will offer a short message, while our special guest speaker, General President Dr. Willis L. Lonzer, III, will address the Brotherhood and offer a Q&A.

 This event is open to all Alpha Brothers regardless of your active or inactive status. Please share with your Line Brothers, Prophytes, Sponsors, Chapter Brothers, and Senior Brothers everywhere!

Look for an email with a private link to view the Presidential and VP addresses on the Day of Reactivation (TUESDAY, January 9, 2024) at the corresponding times on the flyer. No registration is required.

 We ask that you refocus, reengage, and rededicate your energy towards the collective goals of our dear Fraternity. We realize every Alpha Brothers’ availability to contribute is unique and varied in scope. Regardless, WE WANT YOU BACK!!

Now is our time to Reengage, Rededicate and REACTIVATE. We look forward to seeing you out with the Brothers on…ONE NINE!!!

For more information, contact:


Brother Norbert L. Robinson

Eastern Region Reclamation Chair

ONE NINE International Reactivation Committee Chair

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

443 571-0718

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