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Alpha Lambda Chapter Reclamation Project

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The General Office has issued a reclamation challenge to all brothers. Alpha Lambda Chapter challenged every brother to grow the chapter through reclaiming at least 2 brothers per brother. The national leadership has challenged brothers to reclaim Seven brothers per brother. These are high aims, but are not uncommon for Alpha Men.

We challenge all the brothers of Alpha Lambda to promote the Brand of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. by wearing a piece of paraphrenaila such as:

  • a pin,

  • cuff links, tie tack,

  • wrist watch,

  • bracelet,

  • a ball cap or

  • other Fraternity artifact.

By doing this you open the door for disconnected brothers to potentially reconnect with you and men of quality who are interested in Alpha to identify you as a potential conduit to the Fraternity.

We understand that your work environment may limit the types of artifacts you can have, but if you work in an office environment, you may have a coffee cup with the Insignia or letters on the cup, Perhaps you have a water bottle or mouse pad you can display. We must ever be mindful that your good example of manly deeds, scholarship and service are being broadcast everywhere you go to everyone you encounter.

Among those you meet you may happen upon a man who is looking for the opportunity you and I were given. We are grateful for the growth that Alpha Lambda Chapter has experienced in the last two years. The chapter has grown 400% in the last two years. That is meteoric by any standard. The goal is to maintain the momentum and to even increase it toward the goal of becoming the premier Alumni Chapter in the District, The Region, The Nation and All of Alphadom.


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