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Bro. John F. Richardson's Omega Ceremony was a success, thanks to the Brothers who participated.

Brother John Fitzgerald Richardson was made at Austin Peay State University on October 31, in the Fall of 1980. At the time, the chapter was designated Theta Phi but has since been redesignated the Tau Pi chapter. He was number six on a line of six, as noted in the Austin Peay Campus news article announcing the initiation of six new Alphas on the Campus. Brother Don Morehead, a Spring 1980 Theta Phi initiate, pictured alongside Brother Spotts, became a prophyte when Brother Richardson's line crossed and remained close to Brother Richardson throughout his life.

Bro. John F. Richardson's Omega Ceremony Participants

Brothers Greg Woolfolk, Bernard Crayton, Ken Ellis, Shelton Poole, Rawleigh Richardson, and Garry Spotts joined Brother Morehead in Brother John F. Richardson's Omega Ceremony, led by Brother Chaplain Bernard Crayton. A special thanks to the brothers who made their way to the All People Church to support the family of Brother Richardson. We are the house!

Brother Richardson's daughter, Athena, a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority member, gifted Brother Morehead with a Beautiful Fraternity Jacket, which Brother Morehead had made for Brother Richardson.

Brother John F. Richardson's Alpha Jacket Gifted to Brother Morehead by Athena Richardson, Brother Richardson's Daughter


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