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Bro. Derek Bell

Alpha Lambda President


Brother Bell is a 2001 initiate of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. through the Alpha Pi Chapter seated at the University of Louisville. He is a Certified Public Accountant that holds a BS in Finance and an MBA.

Professionally, Bro. Bell is the Chief Accounting Officer of RPG at Republic Bank. In addition, he works as an Accounting and Finance Professor at the University of Louisville, and Indiana Tech University. Brother Bell and his wife Ebony Bell also own Kendrick Williams Group Inc. a company that provides a wide range of consulting services from Accounting to Human Resources. Brother Bell is a proud father of three young sons and one daughter.

In addition to Alpha, he has served in various roles for organizations including the Greater Louisville Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, LHome, and The Breakaway House. Bro. Bell previously served on the board of directors for St. George Community Center, Operation Brightside, and Louisville Urban League Young professionals. He is also a Leadership alumnus of the Focus Louisville, and Ignite Louisville program.

Bro. Derek Bell

The House of Alpha

The House of Alpha is more than just a shared experience - it is a community that strives to empower, strengthen, protect and comfort its members. This community inspires individuals both inside and outside the fraternity to become better versions of themselves by upholding the values of brotherhood, leadership, and service.

Alpha Men prioritze the spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie over individual agendas or rivalries that do not align with the fraternity's values is essential. The House of Alpha emphasizes the value of building meaningful friendships, understanding the mysteries of brotherhood, and serving the world while maintaining an openness to others who share these values.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity provides various programs, initiatives, and leadership development opportunities that foster a lifelong commitment to personal growth, learning, and service. Members are encouraged to remain dedicated to these principles, which form the foundation of the House of Alpha.

In conclusion, the House of Alpha represents a community of individuals who are committed to living out the values of brotherhood, leadership, and service. It is a place where members can find empowerment, strength, protection, and comfort, inspiring them to become better individuals and encourage others to do the same. The House of Alpha is founded on friendship, brotherhood, and service to others, where members are encouraged to continue their personal growth, learning, and commitment to service throughout their lives.

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