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Bro. Bernard Crayton



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Bro. Bernard Crayton

The House of Alpha

What The House of Alpha means to me.

By Bro Bernard Crayton

August 13, 2022

When I read the poem “House of Alpha” by Bro Sidney P. Brown, it is clear to me he is

describing what an Alpha Man looks like. If you are a good man and you want to be a better man, then you should seek to be an Alpha Man.

In addition, the word Brotherhood comes to mind when I read this poem. Once in the fraternity, we should continue to grow as brothers. We should all be man of integrity who value each other.

Also, if there is disagreement between brothers it ought to be that we don’t fallout with other. I love the end of the poem when it says the following:

“In fact, I am the College of Friendship.

The University of Brotherly Love.

The School for Better Making of Men”

We must never forget this portion of the poem, always trying to make ourselves better men and men who love the brotherhood.

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