Project Alpha Lock-In (Kammerer Middle)

By: Mark Rorer

On October 14, 2016, the Brothers of Alpha Lambda completed one of our long standing
national programs, Project Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha and the March of Dimes have partnered to help young men make informed decisions about the complex issues surrounding sexuality since 1980. The event was a resounding success with 40 participants.

The event started with a welcome from Alpha Lambda president, Cecil Brookins, and was
followed by a spirited USMC boot camp session led by Staff Sgt. A. Mountz and his assistant. After the young men caught their breath from the high-intensity activity, they were split into four groups that rotated through four workshops.

  • Pick Your Mate – covered sexually transmitted diseases and dating

  • S.T.A.T.S. Video – Sex, Teens, AIDS, Take ‘Em Serious video and discussion

  • So Fresh and So Clean – covered personal hygiene

  • How To Be a Real Man – discussed the attributes of a positive man in society

Following the workshops, the students ate dinner and listened to an inspirational message by Brother Norman Seawright, Assistant Chief Pilot, UPS Airlines. The highlight of the evening for several students was the ultimate dodge ball and basketball games that included several chapter brothers. The evening wrapped up with comments and door prizes led by Brother Mark

In addition to the 40 students, 21 brothers participated in this event tallying over 100 volunteer hours. All of this was made possible by the engaging staff of Kammerer, led by 6th grade Vice Principal, Carolyn Smith. The Alpha team was led by Brothers Mark Rorer and Cecil Brookins.