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The QPR Suicide Prevention Training, An Amazing Success!

Twenty-two brothers came together from both Alpha Lambda and Alpha Pi Chapter to experience the Question, Persuade Refer Suicide, QPR Suicide Prevention Training on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

The training was organized by Bro. Dr. Willie McBride and The Mental Health and Wellness

Photo of Dr. Brittany Watkins speaking at the Univeristy of Louisville for  Alpha Lambda  Chapter's QPR Training
Dr. Brittany Walkins

Committee was conducted by two Black professional therapists: Dr. Brittany Watkins is an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist and John Broadus, a program administrator within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Division of Substance use/Misuse Prevention and promotion branch.

Brothers were fully engaged in the discussion and offered insight into their own personal experiences with the challenges of suicide. Each of the brothers completed to training and are considered QPR Gatekeepers equipped with resources and tools to talk with brothers and anyone who may be considering suicide.

A photo of John Broadus, mental health specialist co-leading the QPR Training.
Mr. John Broadus

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