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Bring the 2026 Midwestern Regional Convention to Louisville. Join The Team To Help Prepare Our Bid!

Hosting a Regional Convention is a great achievement for any chapter. Alpha Lambda is no

The Alpha Lambda Chapter Logo featuring a shield divided diagonally into a white and Black side. the White side features the Letter "A" For Alpha and the Black side of the Shield features the Greek letter for Lambda. The Shield is bounded on left side by the number 19 and on the left by the number 11 representing the year the chapter was chartered.

stranger to hosting conventions. It's time to bring the Midwestern Regional Convention 2026 Home to Alpha Lambda, "The First Lambda!"

Complete the form to join the team planning to submit the Bid during the 2024 Midwestern Regional Convention in Milwaukee, WI. It's within our grasp! Join The Team by completing the form posted on the Alpha Lambda Chapter website:

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