College is in my near future!

As the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Lambda chapter close out the remainder of their fall educational programming, the theme of October’s session caught the eyes of many students and gave them hope for a brighter future, Careers in Technology. The men took their youth academy on a college tour to Ivy Tech the middle of October where the students were exposed to practical knowledge in the fields of science, math, and technology. Ivy Tech offers hands-on experience with some of the state’s most advanced technologies and training facilities, plus the convenience of more than 1,000 online classes, and the attention that comes with a small average class size of 22. Youth were amazed at what a two-year college degree could afford them after high school. “Our students were impressed and eager to tour the campus, especially when they learned the starting hourly wages that could be earned just from receiving an associate degree,” said Director of Education, Alpha Academy, Bro. Mark Rorer. A week after the college tour students were able to put what they learned to good use from watching and participating in an electric safety demonstration through Louisville Gas and Electric’s Mini City demonstration. This tabletop display of a virtual city went over the importance of electric safety and why not to touch a down power line. Last month’s theme was vital to growth and development of today’s youth. It is important that we continue to expose youth to opportunities that may look foreign to them, because as the old sayings relays, “A mind is terrible thing to waste.” (Author, Unknown)