A Long Year of Voter Empowerment

2016 has proven to be a politically charged year.  Regardless of who you may have aligned with politically during this historic election year, you would be remised if you weren’t aware of how many organizations joined the fray to raise political awareness and enlightenment in this nation. The Alpha Lambda Chapter was definitely on the forefront of voter empowerment this year in Louisville, KY.
As early as the primary elections, Alpha Lambda was partnering with other organizations to host debates and candidate forums for local races.  It could even be said that such efforts aided the increase in voter turnout in May for the targeted districts in Louisville.  The Alpha Lambda Chapter didn’t stop efforts after the primary races.  There was still plenty of work to be done.   As many organizations in the city struggled with fresh new ideas to implement effective voter registration and education, the Alpha Lambda Chapter devised a plan to aid efforts to register and educate voters. 
Instead of implementing the more traditional methods of voter registration, The Alpha Lambda Chapter decided target African American Barbershops so that we could go to the people versus wait for the people to come to us.  From there, the Barbershop Blitz concept was born.
On the dates of October 1st and 8th, the Alpha Lambda Chapter deployed multiple teams of brothers to over 40 barbershops on each day.  Armed with voter registration cards and voting info cards, Alpha Lambda members managed to register dozens and educate many more.  These actions also served as get out the vote efforts considering how many people were already registered but somewhat apathetic towards voting in the general election. The chapter encouraged the community to not negate the important local political races.